Embark On A New Career At The State Beauty Academy

There can be little doubt about the tremendous opportunities presented to those in the beauty and health industries. Those who attend the Beauty Academy can expect to find employment in hair salons, spas and other similar venues upon graduation. We are proud to teach all students the methods and skills necessary to become effective service providers in all sectors of the beauty world.

It can sometimes be difficult for new graduates to make the transition from the educational to the career realm, but we take great pains to help during each step of the process. Not only do we offer a comprehensive education and training program, we strive to aid in the task of finding solid employment after the fact.

We prepare students to be ready to hit the ground running immediately after graduation. It is our role to ensure that all graduates possess the certifications and abilities they need to start working right away. Our career services staff are known for their work in aiding our students as they seek positions within their field.

Our team works with students to get them ready for employment interviews and assessments, connecting them with recruiters along the way. While it is certainly important to have the knowledge base of a skilled beauty professional, it is also necessary for students to acquire interpersonal abilities that will serve them well for the rest of their careers. We take pride in the success we have had over the years in this area.

Students and graduates will receive substantial information regarding available job opportunities in their preferred area. This serves to assist them in narrowing down their desired jobs and saves time that might be spent on filling out applications for positions that might not be a great fit.

We facilitate contacts between students and employers seeking the best new candidates. It is far more likely for students who receive strong recommendations from their schools to secure job offers upon graduation, and we work together to make this happen. Recruiters are eager to meet with those who have earned the support of their school.

Our school places a strong emphasis on helping students find the careers for which they will have an abiding passion. There is nothing like securing a job that does not feel like work, and with our help, students can go precisely that.

Learning the inside secrets and skills of the beauty industry can be a truly fulfilling endeavor. There will always be a need for experts in hair, makeup and other aesthetic arts, and we believe that we have what it takes to prepare students to be true leaders in their chosen profession.

Anyone who has a love of all things beauty-related should give consideration to the plethora of advantages we have to offer. From comprehensive educational training, hands-on experience and thorough career placement assistance, our school is second to none. We feel extremely proud of the services we can provide and invite everyone who loves the world of beauty and aesthetics to consider giving our school and its faculty a serious look.

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